Senator Barack Obama prepares to give a speech at a Health Action conference at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel on Jan. 25, 2007 in Washington D.C.
Veteran of the Second Iraq War, Richard Zopff, arranges flags before raising the United States flag on the morning of V-Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11.
Calsysta Smith, 9, begs her mother Collette Smith to buy a few more pieces of jewelry for both of them and relatives before heading home from Skyline High School's Craft Fair on Nov. 8.
Mai Linh Ngyuen takes part in a traditional Vietmanese dance during the International Banquet at Whitworth University on November 16, 2007.
Sean Mulcahy, McMillan's Hall resident director, sits in the Chapel  with Laura Stephens during an open prayer service for Dan Burtness Monday, April 28. Mulcahy
Mary Nyakunu, a migrant worker from Zimbabwe, has worked in upper middle class homes in South Africa since 1995. “I’ll do my job as long as it gets money to the children at home,” she says.
AIDS remains a very relevant issue in South Africa, with an estimated 40% of people suffering from the epidemic. Here, a man poses for a picture while sitting in his room in an AIDS hospice. The hospice takes care of patients who show a variety of symptoms of the disease, but mainly provide a social support for the patients before they pass on.